Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

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Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

Car insurance in Oklahoma is $43 per month for minimum coverage and $180 per month for full coverage, on average. The cheapest insurance companies in Oklahoma are State Farm, Geico and Progressive, and getting quotes from several companies can help you find the best deal.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma by Category

  • Clean driving record: $43 per month
  • After an at-fault accident: $63 per month
  • Driver with poor credit: $63 per month
  • Teen driver: $136 per month
  • After a DUI: $79 per year

The average cost of car insurance in Oklahoma is 30% lower than the national average auto insurance premium, and Oklahoma ranks 20 out of 50 for the most affordable car insurance rates in the U.S.. There are several factors that affect how much you'll pay for car insurance in Oklahoma, including your driving record, age, location, the amount of coverage that you purchase, and the insurance company you buy it from.

Finally, it's worth noting that car insurance premiums in Oklahoma are average, compared to the cost of coverage in neighboring states like Colorado and Kansas. You can find more details in the table below.

Cost of Car Insurance in Oklahoma vs. Neighboring States

Note: Rates are an approximation based on a driver in Oklahoma with minimum coverage. Actual rates will vary.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

Drivers in Oklahoma can find cheap car insurance with “no deposit” or “no down payment,” but all that really means is you only have to pay the first month's premium to get coverage. You cannot get car insurance in Oklahoma without paying something upfront. But you can minimize the cost of coverage in Oklahoma, which ranks 20 for the cheapest car insurance rates in the country. The average monthly premium in Oklahoma is about $180 per month for full coverage and around $43 per month for state minimum coverage. Drivers in Oklahoma should expect to pay about that much in advance each month to keep their car insurance policy active.

The biggest drawback of paying for auto insurance monthly is that it's almost always more expensive than paying in full for six or 12 months of coverage upfront. Some Oklahoma insurance companies charge slightly more for month-to-month premiums, and there can also be payment processing fees. Most car insurance companies also discount rates for customers who pay in advance.

You can still find cheap car insurance options if you can't afford a big deposit, though. The best no-down-payment car insurance keeps rates low and only requires the first month's payment to start your policy.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

The city in Oklahoma with the least expensive auto insurance premiums is Enid, which has an average premium of $1,142 per year. By comparison, the average cost of car insurance in Oklahoma overall is $1,245 per year.

Cheapest Cities for Car Insurance in Oklahoma

  1. Enid: $1,142 per year
  2. Altus: $1,147 per year
  3. Duncan: $1,189 per year
  4. McAlester: $1,193 per year

Some cities in Oklahoma have cheaper car insurance premiums than others because insurance companies take a driver's ZIP code into account when calculating their premium, alongside other factors. For example, drivers who live in dense urban areas typically pay more for coverage than drivers in rural areas because they're more likely to get into an accident. And if an area has a particularly high theft rate, car insurance may be more expensive due to the risk of vehicles being stolen.

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Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

Anamarie Waite, Car Insurance Writer

You can get car insurance discounts in Oklahoma based on how you drive, the car you own, and your relationship with your insurance company. In Oklahoma, car insurance companies are allowed to consider factors like employment, residential, and marital status when setting premiums. That means there are also discounts available for being married, owning a home, or being affiliated with certain employers or educational institutions.

Almost anyone can get a discount on car insurance in Oklahoma because most insurance companies make it easy to qualify for a variety of savings. Oklahoma insurers typically offer discounts that fall into one of three categories—policy discounts, driver discounts, and vehicle discounts.

Policy discounts typically reward customer behavior that is desirable to the insurance company. For example, most Oklahoma drivers can save by registering for paperless billing or getting both home and auto policies from the same company. Driver discounts are available to Oklahoma residents who are lower-risk to insure, like those with clean driving records. And vehicle discounts help drivers save if their car has certain safety features or anti-theft systems.

Car Insurance Discounts in Oklahoma

Discount How It Works Potential Savings
Customer Loyalty Insurance companies reward long-term customers with lower rates. Up to 10%
Good Driver Drivers with a clean record and no claims history save on insurance. 10% to 30%
Driver Education Insurance companies are required by state law to provide a discount to older drivers who complete an approved defensive driving course. Drivers must be 50 years of age or older to qualify. 5% to 10%
Continuously Insured Drivers who have been insured for 6 months or more save on insurance. 5% to 25%
Billing and Payments If you pay for your policy in full, set up automatic payments, pay online, or go paperless, you can save. 2% to 25%
Policy Bundling Insure multiple vehicles or get different policy types (like home and auto) from the same company can earn a discount. 1% to 12%
Good Student Young drivers with a “B” average or higher are eligible for discounts. 5% to 20%
Usage-Based Some insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who are willing to have their driving habits monitored by an electronic device attached to your car and/or your smartphone. 1% to 30%
Safety Features Cars featuring multiple airbags, anti-lock brakes, daytime running lights, and other safety add-ons can save on car insurance. 2% to 30%
Anti-Theft Systems Car alarms, LoJack, steering wheel locks, or other anti-theft features can make comprehensive coverage more affordable. 5% to 25%

Remember, discounts vary among different insurance companies, so it's always best to contact the provider directly to determine which discounts you qualify for.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

The cheapest insurance for drivers in Oklahoma who have committed SR-22-type violations is from State Farm. Oklahoma is one of eight states that do not require high-risk drivers to file an SR-22 form as proof of insurance, but coverage can still be a lot more expensive than average for drivers who would need an SR-22 elsewhere.

For example, drivers in Oklahoma can expect to pay an average of 86% more for car insurance after actions like DUI, driving with a suspended license or reckless driving.

Cheap Insurance Companies in Oklahoma for High-Risk Drivers


Average Premium After DUI

Average Premium After Reckless Driving

State Farm

$356 per year

$356 per year


$410 per year

$585 per year


$428 per year

$299 per year


$561 per year

$884 per year


$706 per year

$735 per year

Note: Premiums are for a 45-year-old driver in Oklahoma; individual premiums will vary.

Fortunately, the increase in premiums after a high-risk offense is only temporary. If you practice safe driving habits moving forward, you should see your premiums begin to go down. 

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Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

High-risk auto insurance in Oklahoma will not be cheap, as premiums for high-risk policies in the state average $2,292 per year. That's about 45% more than the average cost of car insurance in Oklahoma overall. Nevertheless, high-risk drivers in Oklahoma should still be able to find suitable car insurance options after comparison shopping.

Drivers defined as high-risk typically have a history of serious driving violations and face higher rates because they are statistically more likely to cost insurers more than the average driver. For this reason, many insurance companies won't even sell coverage to high-risk drivers. However, other insurers specialize in high-risk coverage, so drivers with a checkered record have options.

The best high-risk auto insurance companies in Oklahoma are State Farm, Geico, Liberty Mutual because they are financially strong and have few customer complaints. Deficiencies in either area could be a sign you'll have a hard time getting payouts if you need to file a claim. Some of the most common complaints about car insurance companies concern denials, low settlements, and delays in processing claims. These companies also tend to be among the most affordable in Oklahoma for high-risk drivers, but you should always shop around to compare rates.

Company State Farm Geico Liberty Mutual
Average Driver Annual Premium $1,552 $1,367 $1,834
Average High-Risk Annual Premium $2,250 $1,982 $2,659
Complaint Ratio (NAIC) 2.58 1.21 7.61
Strength Rating (AM Best) A++ A++ A

Pro Tip: Look for an insurer with at least an “A” grade for financial stability and a complaint score close to or below the national median of 1.

How much more high-risk drivers pay for auto insurance in Oklahoma depends on why they are classified as high-risk. Your combination of risk factors determines how much more you'll pay for high-risk auto insurance in Oklahoma. Car insurance companies decide if you are a high-risk driver based heavily on driving factors like accidents, speeding tickets, reckless driving, racing, and DUI/DWI.

For example, Oklahoma drivers with two accidents in their claims history see their rates jump by an average of 94%. If you're convicted of a DUI, you'll see an increase of about 28%. And if you're caught going more than 20 MPH over the speed limit, expect your rates to go up by about 28%, on average.

Non-driving factors like your age, location, insurance history, credit score, and vehicle can also affect how much more high-risk auto insurance costs in Oklahoma. If you get caught driving without insurance, the coverage lapse alone could raise your premium by about 5%. If you have no credit, you can expect to pay about 78% more than drivers with excellent scores.

In other words, your individual combination of risk factors determines how much more you specifically will pay for high-risk auto insurance in Oklahoma.

  • Comparison shop. The best way to get affordable car insurance is to compare rates from at least three insurance companies. In Oklahoma, the most expensive policies are around $2,593, and the least expensive cost about $1,006. That means drivers could save as much as $1,587 simply by comparing quotes. At a minimum, check rates three and five years after a traffic violation to get a lower rate when it falls off your record.
  • Avoid filing claims. Claims can dramatically increase your premium. In Oklahoma, the average collision claim raised rates $777. Before filing a claim, calculate whether the cost of the damage exceeds your deductible plus future premium surcharges.
  • Have a practical car or go car-free. Some vehicles are more expensive to insure than others. Your car's make, model, year, safety features, and price tag all impact how much you'll pay. Consider a practical vehicle that's more affordable to insure if you're already high-risk. If the premium is still more than you can afford, you could switch to non-owner car insurance or go car-free for a while.
  • Drive safely. The easiest way to avoid traffic violations is to obey traffic laws and drive safely. You can't undo the past, but you can make good choices now. Focus on keeping a clean driving record and consider a driver safety course to potentially lower your premiums right away.

If you've been denied coverage from traditional insurers, look into Oklahoma's assigned risk program. With assigned risk insurance, drivers who cannot get accepted normally are assigned to insurance companies that collectively pool together to take the risk of insuring them. It's a last resort, and you'll have to prove that you've tried and failed to get insurance multiple times to qualify.

In the end, the need for high-risk car insurance is a temporary situation. Serious violations like DUIs are on your record for 10 years in Oklahoma, but most violations fall off your record within three to five years. No matter how long it takes, your high-risk status will eventually change with time if you can prove you're a safe and responsible driver again.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

The best car insurance in Oklahoma for drivers with a DUI is from State Farm, Progressive, and USAA. Getting a DUI in Oklahoma will raise insurance premiums by an average of $439 per year, but drivers can minimize the cost of post-DUI car insurance by comparing quotes from the cheapest companies.

Best DUI Insurance in Oklahoma

Insurance for drivers with a DUI is expensive because the violation indicates that you are more likely to file a claim than the average driver. In Oklahoma, a DUI will only affect your rate for about 3-5 years, so the higher rates won't last forever.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

Car insurance in Oklahoma is expensive because the state is famously located in "Tornado Alley." Severe weather patterns resulting in huge claims and a high percentage of uninsured drivers raise insurance prices.. In Oklahoma, you can expect to pay approximately $4,493 per year for full coverage car insurance or $1,245 per year for minimum coverage. Car insurance in Oklahoma is less expensive than the national average, which is around $2,000 annually for full coverage and about $700 per year for minimum coverage.

The cost of car insurance is steadily increasing, too, both in Oklahoma and nationwide. As the cost of providing insurance goes up, the premiums insurers charge also rise. All insured drivers share the increasing cost of insurance. That is why your rates tend to go up every time your policy is renewed, regardless of whether any individual factors—like your driving record or location—have changed.

There are several unique reasons why car insurance goes up every year in Oklahoma, too, even if your details remain the same.

Top Reasons Car Insurance Is Expensive in Oklahoma

  • People in Oklahoma are driving more. As a result, the number of accidents, claims, and payouts is rising, too. For example, there were approximately 599 fatal crashes in 2020 in Oklahoma, versus 590 fatal crashes in 2015.
  • Auto repairs are getting more expensive. Vehicles today cost more to repair due to the added technology and features. For example, a National Association of Insurance Commissioners study found that the average cost of vehicle repairs was around 8% higher in 2018 than it was in 2014.
  • People in Oklahoma drive uninsured. As the cost of car insurance continues to rise, more drivers take the risk of driving without car insurance. In 2019, 13% of drivers lacked even minimum liability insurance in Oklahoma. The cost of uninsured drivers is passed on to consumers through higher premiums.
  • Healthcare in Oklahoma is getting more expensive. Car insurance companies are hit hardest when paying out claims involving medical bills, and it's not getting any cheaper. Healthcare spending increases by an average of 6.1% every year in Oklahoma.
  • Oklahoma is experiencing more severe weather. In Oklahoma, weather events like severe storms, droughts, and floods are becoming increasingly common. These weather events cause insurers to pay out a higher number of claims, which tend to be more expensive and less predictable. As a result, they have to raise rates to keep pace.

However, there could be other issues elevating your rates.

If your driving record is clean and your rates are still high, your car insurance might be expensive because of your:

Age. Drivers under 25 and older than 65 pay more for auto coverage because they are statistically more likely to be involved in serious and fatal accidents. In Oklahoma, 16-year-old drivers pay an average of $3,343 per year, 25-year-old drivers pay an average of $656 per year, and people over 65 pay an average of $529 per year.

Location and driving patterns. Population-dense cities have higher premiums than rural areas because city living usually means more accidents, more property crime, and more frequent claims. In Oklahoma, the most expensive locations for insurance are Broken Arrow, Midwest City, and Tulsa. You can also expect rates to change based on your driving patterns—long commutes or regular driving in high-risk areas can cost you.

Financial responsibility. In Oklahoma, drivers with no credit pay 47% more on their premiums than drivers with excellent credit. You can also demonstrate financial responsibility by maintaining minimum car insurance with no gaps in coverage. Letting your coverage lapse could result in a higher rate when you get your next policy.

Claims history. Numerous recent claims can drive up your premiums. That's one reason why it sometimes makes sense to pay out of pocket rather than file a claim, especially if a claim won't get you much more than your deductible.

How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance in Oklahoma

Multiple factors affect the cost of car insurance. Some things you can't control, but you do have a say in most of the contributing factors. Driving safely, obeying traffic laws, and keeping a clean driving record are the best ways to keep your insurance costs down.

Other than that, the best way to lower your car insurance costs is to compare rates from at least three insurance companies. Ideally, you should check your rates every 6-12 months, when you renew your policy. But at a minimum, be sure to check your record and shop for rates every three to five years, since you may be able to get a lower rate if a traffic violation falls off your record.

In Oklahoma, the most expensive policies cost roughly $2,557 per year, and the least expensive coverage costs around $653 per year, when all driver profile information is the same. That means you could save as much as $1,903 simply by shopping around. Be sure to confirm you're getting all the discounts you're eligible for, too.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

Anamarie Waite, Car Insurance Writer

Drivers in Oklahoma need $25,000 of bodily injury liability insurance per person (up to $50,000 per accident) and $25,000 of property damage liability insurance. Collision, comprehensive and gap insurance may also be required by a lender or lessor if your vehicle is financed.

In addition, an optional but recommended type of coverage in Oklahoma is uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. It replaces the liability coverage an at-fault driver should've had and pays for your costs up to your policy limits.

Here's How Much Car Insurance Drivers Need in Oklahoma:

Coverage Type

Minimum Coverage Limit  

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage (per person)


Bodily Injury Liability Coverage (per accident)


Property Damage Liability


If you lease or finance your car, you may be required to carry coverage types that are not mandatory under Oklahoma law. Lenders or lessors usually require comprehensive and collision insurance. Collision insurance covers repairs to your car when you hit another car or object. If the damage to your vehicle was caused by something other than a collision—like a natural disaster, vandalism, falling objects, or animals—it is most likely covered by comprehensive insurance. Lenders may also require gap insurance, which covers the difference between what you owe on your loan or lease and what the vehicle is worth if it has been stolen or totaled.

Even if you're not required to carry these optional coverage types, you may still need them. You can learn more about when to drop optional coverage and the penalties for driving without insurance in Oklahoma to make sure you're paying for the coverage you need.

Cheapest full coverage car insurance in oklahoma

The cheapest states for car insurance are Iowa, Vermont and Nebraska, according to WalletHub's Cheap Car Insurance Study. They are the cheapest states for auto insurance in large part because they have low population density and relatively few uninsured motorists. In contrast, New York, Florida and New Jersey are the most expensive states for car insurance.

Population and uninsured motorists are the two main reasons for variations in policy costs from state to state. After all, fewer people means fewer drivers on the road, which means fewer accidents. And a low percentage of uninsured motorists means that more of the people on the road are responsible drivers. It also means insurance companies face fewer claims from their own customers who've been hit by uninsured motorists. Both a low population and low numbers of uninsured motorists keep claims and premiums down.

10 Cheapest States for Car Insurance:

In addition to the population and number of uninsured drivers, other factors that affect car insurance costs include state laws, crime rates, and special weather hazards. State laws govern how much insurance coverage drivers are required to carry, and no-fault laws impact insurers' risks. Crime rates mainly impact comprehensive coverage, which covers losses due to theft or violence. Weather hazards - like hurricanes, hail or snowstorms - cause more breakdowns and accidents.