Which federal law prohibits intercepting any communication, regardless of how it was transmitted?

Hands-On Ethical Hacking and Network Defense, 3e, ISBN 9781285454610Ch. 1Solutions-1Chapter 1 SolutionsReview Questions1.The U.S. Department of Justice defines a hacker as which of the following?

Which federal law amended Chapter 119 of Title 18, U.S. Code?

U.S. PATRIOT Act, Sec. 217: Interception of Computer Trespasser Communications

To determine whether scanning is illegal in your area, you should do which of the following?

The U.S. Department of Justice defines a hacker as which of the following?

A person who accesses a computer or network without the owner's permission

What professional level security certification requires five years of experience and is designed to focus an applicant's security-related managerial skills?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

What specific term does the U.S Department of Justice use to label all illegal access to a computer or network systems?

A written contract isn't necessary when a friend recommends a client. True or False?

What term best describes a person who hacks computer systems for political or social reasons?

Offensive Security Certified Professional

What organization disseminates research documents on the computer and network security worldwide at no cost?

Which federal law prohibits intercepting any communication, regardless of how it was transmitted?

Electronic Communication Privacy Act

If you work for a company as a security professional, you will most likely be placed on a special team that will conduct penetration tests. What is the standard name for a team made up of security professionals?

What policy, provided by a typical ISP, should be read and understood before performing any port scanning outside of your private network?

Which organization issues the Top 25 list of software errors?

What security certification did the "The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants" (EC-Council) develop?

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

Many experienced penetration testers will write a set of instructions that run in sequence to perform tasks on a computer system. What type of resource are these penetration testers utilizing?

What penetration model should be used when a company's management team does not wish to disclose that penetration testing is being conducted?

As a security tester, you can make a network impenetrable

What portion of your ISP contract might affect your ability to conduct a penetration test over the Internet?

Which federal law prohibits unauthorized access of classified information?

Computer Fruad and Abuse Act, Title 18

How can you find out which computer crime laws are applicable in your state?

Contact your local law enforcement agencies

If you run a program in New York City that uses network resources to the extent that a user is denied access to them, what type of law have you violated?

What organization designates a person as a CISSP?

What penetration model should a company use if they only want to allow the penetration testers partial or incomplete information regarding their network system?

What type of testing procedure involves the testers analyzing the company's security policy and procedures, and reporting any vulnerabilities to management?

Penetration testing can create ehtical, technical, and privacy concerns for a company's management team. What can a security consultant do to ensure the client fully understands the scope of testing that will be performed?

Create a contractual agreement

A security tester should have which of the following attributes?

Good verbal and written communcation skillsGood listening skillsAn interest in securing networks and computer systems

Knowledge of networking and computer technology

A penetration tester is which of the following?

A security professional who's hired to break into a network to discover vulnerabilities

What professional security certification requires applicants to demonstrate hands-on abilities to earn thier certificate?

Offensive Security Certified Professional

What penetration model would likely provide a network diagram showing all the company's router, switches, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, or give the tester a floor plan detailing the location of computer systems and the OSs running on these systems?

What common term is used by security testing professionals to describe vulnerabilities in a network?